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Registry Saver

Backup your registry with a single click
I want to be on the safe side!

What is it?

Registry Saver makes backups of your Windows registry, and stores them in uniquely named directories. It can also shut down your PC or put it to sleep mode afterwards.


  • Backups registry files conveniently in one place
  • Standby/hibernate/power down after backup
  • It's Freeware

How do I use it?

RegSaver is operated by command line parameters. Just extract the downloaded archive file and create a shortcut to RegSaver.exe on your Desktop or Toolbar. Then, right-click on the shortcut, select "Properties...", and add the command line parameters in the "Target" box.

To launch RegSaver, just click the newly created shortcut.

Ok, what are the command line parameters, then?

Glad you asked. Syntax is:

RegSaver [Base_Directory|/nobackup] [/off|/standby|/hibernate] [/ask]


Registry Saver will create subdirectories in this directory and put the backups in there. Subdirectories will be named depending on system time, in the format "yyyymmddhhmmss".

Caution: On Windows 2000 machines, backups need to be below the WINNT folder, or you won't be able to access them from within the Recovery Console. I suggest something like C:\WINNT\System32\Config\Backup" for easy access.

/nobackup Do not backup. This only makes sense in conjunction with one of the three switches below. This way, you can use Registry Saver to shut down your computer with a single click.
/off Turn off the computer after backup.
/standby Go to standby/suspend to ram (if your computer supports it) after backup.
/hibernate Hibernate after backup.
/ask Registry Saver will ask before power down/standby/hibernate, so you can make backups before important configuration changes without also shutting down your system.


RegSaver C:\WINNT\System32\Config\Backup /standby Make registry backup and then go to standby.
RegSaver C:\WINNT\System32\Config\Backup /hibernate /ask Make registry backup, then ask if user wants to hibernate.
RegSaver /nobackup /off Immediately power down the computer without asking, do not create registry backups.
RegSaver /nobackup Waste processor time.

Why should I need registry backups?

Because having a corrupt registry means reinstalling the operating system and all applications in most cases, especially under Windows 2000. Registry corruption can be caused by system crashes, turning of the computer without proper shutdown, disk drive failure, and many other things.

On some systems, Windows 2000 doesn't properly flush the disk write cache before powering down the system, which tends to regulary corrupt your registry. This is what Registry Saver was originally written for.

Where can I get it?

You can download Registry Saver together with some other cool freeware from the downloads page.

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