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My assorted collection of high-quality ;) software.
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HarddiskOgg 2.52
Capture analog audio from line in or microphone directly to Ogg Vorbis/Wave/MP3 format. Current release version.
UPDATE: HarddiskOgg is now Open Source, the source code is available on SourceForge.
ISP-GCC Mark II 1.2
(German) Programs the AVR series of Atmel's flash microcontrollers. Requires special hardware, see
ShadeNow 1.1.1
Dims your screen after an inactivity period still allowing you to see what's happening on your desktop.
OdoPlus 1.6 build 281
Measures the distance your mouse cursor travelled on the screen and the mouse click count. Features a graphical click distribution view!
Registry Saver 1.2 build 17
Creates backups of your registry. Optionally goes to standby mode or shuts down the computer. Can also be used for single-click shutdown.
Transparentizer 1.0 build 62
Makes some windows partly transparent so you can see both the window and what's under it. You can also define a color key, all parts of the window with this color will become completely transparent. Requires Windows 2000/XP.
This one can play Bricks '2000.

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